Forecasting of Health and Diseases from Astrology

Vedic Astrology offers a unique perspective on health by analyzing planetary positions and their influence on an individual’s well-being. While an experienced astrologer may not provide a specific medical diagnosis, they can often identify potential health issues or vulnerabilities based on the alignment of celestial bodies in one’s birth chart. Know the Forecasting of Health and Diseases from Astrology.

Through careful analysis of planetary placements and their aspects, an astrologer can offer insights into the areas of the body that may be more susceptible to ailments or imbalances. This information can serve as a preventive tool, prompting individuals to take proactive steps towards maintaining their health and well-being.

It is important to note that Vedic Astrology should not replace traditional medical advice or treatment. Instead, it can complement existing healthcare practices by offering a holistic view of an individual’s health profile. By understanding the astrological influences at play, individuals can gain valuable insights into potential health challenges and work towards achieving greater balance and vitality in their lives. Contact Best Health Astrologer in South Carolina

Signs of Health and Diseases from Astrology

House or Bhava- Parts of the body it rules.
Aries or Lagna- Head, brain, mind.
Taurus or 2nd house- Face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, nails, bones, flesh.
Gemini or 3rd house- Neck, throat, collar bones, hands, breathing, body growth.
Cancer or 4th house- Heart, lungs, chest, breast, blood, and diaphragm.
Leo or 5th house- Upper abdomen, mind, heart, liver, gall bladder, spleen, intestines, mesentery.
Virgo or 6th house- Lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, anus, kidneys.
Libra or 7th house- Groins (place between abdomen and thighs), semen, female organs, breathing, bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate glands, pineal gland.
Scorpio or 8th house- External genitals, urine, blood, seminal vessels.
Sagittarius or 9th house- Thighs and limbs, femoral arteries.
Capricorn or 10th house- Knees, bones and flesh, patella, popliteal fossae.
Aquarius or 11th house- Buttocks and breathing, legs in general, left ear.
Pisces or 12th house- Feet and blood, left eye.

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