Marital issues in Birth chart

Marital issues in Birth chart: When it comes to understanding the intricacies of marital life, the seventh house in a person’s Kundli holds the key. This house, often referred to as the “House of Marriage,” is a powerful indicator of the joys and challenges that lie ahead in one’s journey of matrimonial union.

The seventh house and its lord, the planet that governs this domain, speak volumes about the nature of a person’s married life. It reveals the dynamics of the relationship, the compatibility between partners, and the potential for lasting happiness or discord.

When examining a birth chart for potential marital issues, the 7th house holds significant clues. This house governs marriage and romantic partnerships, so its condition and the influences upon it can illuminate challenges a person may face in wedded life. The malefic planets Mars, Sun, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn exert negative energies that can disrupt marital harmony if poorly placed in the 7th house or aspecting it adversely.

Marital issues in Birth chart

Even a well-placed Jupiter or Venus can struggle to counteract these malefics if afflicted themselves. An afflicted Jupiter undermines principles like wisdom, optimism and good judgment – qualities crucial for a successful marriage. And if Venus plagued by malefic influences, it obstructs the expression of love, beauty, and happiness in the relationship.

Scrutinizing the 7th house lord’s condition and placement is also vital, as it is a karaka (signifier) of the marriage. An afflicted 7th lord can signify a difficult or troubled spouse. The birth chart does not lie – it lays bare the cosmic imprints that shape one’s marital destiny. Through careful analysis, remedial measures can be taken to ease marriage problems prophesied by the planets.

Astrologers meticulously analyze the seventh house, its lord, and the karakas to unravel the mysteries of marital life. By decoding these celestial signifiers, they can provide invaluable insights and guidance, enabling individuals to navigate the complexities of marriage with wisdom and foresight. Consult the Best astrologer in South Carolina to know more about your birth chart.

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